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Seeding Specials and Events

Preparations for seeding is in full swing! Ronco Motors have some exciting deals and events to make this season's seeding a breeze. 


Braud 9090 Grape Harvester AutoSteering day

Date:          Thursday 5th of May 2016

Braud GH 9090

Time:         1:00pm to 4.00pm

Location: Settler Bends Farm, 354 Twentyeighth st, Renmark.

RSVP:       Shaun Colum, Mobile: 0400 578 122


Ronco Motors is pleased to invite you to an AutoSteering demonstration of the Braud 9090 Grape Harvester as used in Tony Tresize’s grape harvest operation last vintage.

Tony also uses the modified Braud 9090/Croplands Quantum Mist for his spraying operations.

See the latest technology being used in vineyards for harvesting, spraying and pruning operations and see what technology is being planned in the future.

Attending the day will be Ashley Barratt from Braud Australia, Wayne Britten and Con Tsaconas, this will be a great opportunity to meet Con a new addition to the Ronco Motors sales team; Shaun Colum, Precision Farming Sales, Ronco Motors.


FM750 EzPilot and EzSteer bundles.

FM750-EzPilotThe ever popular FM750 Display, Ronco Motors  have put together some great FM750 steering bundles including the FM750/EzPilot bundle for $7700.00 + GST (plus platform kit) and the FM750/EzSteer bundle at $6900.00+ GST (plus platform kit). 


RangePoint RTX 12 months for FREE with every bundle.



FM1000 EzPilot  bundles. (Only till the end of April, be quick)

fm1000-ezpilotThe ever popular FM1000 Display, large 30cm display.

FM1000/EzPilot bundle special Price of $10 900.00 + GST; then just add a vehicle specific kit.

Normally $13 200.00 + GST

RangePoint RTX 12 months for FREE with every bundle.





The XCN-2050 Display has arrived (NEW)

The all NEW XCN-2050 display....., new look.... new Android Operating system and awesome features like Next Swath (End of Row turning)xcn-2050

and True Guide (Passive Implement Steering). Connects to all existing Trimble steering solutions including EzSteer, EzPilot and CNH Steer ready tractors.

Accuracy options RangePoint RTX (FREE 12 months), CentrePoint RTX and RTK.

Come see the exciting new XCN-2050 Display. 



Cameras for FM750, FM1000, Intelliview IV and Pro700 Displays (NEW)

Do you have a FM750, FM1000, Pro700, or Intelliview IV display? 

Get the best out of your Display by connecting a Camera or 2 for this coming seeding operations.

Examples of Camera applications;

  • Inside Air Seeder Tanks (All our cameras do have infrared). Placed on Air Seeder Bars to check for blockages and rear vision whilst transporting.
  • End of chaser bin and mother bin augers to enable safe and accurate unloading from the tractor seat as well as rear vision when transporting. If possible place camera 60-90cm from top of auger to enable more accurate vision. 
  • Inside semi tippers to monitor loading of grain and unloading when tipping.
  • Rear of semi tippers when backing onto augers, air-seeder carts etc.
  • Multi spreaders belt, spinners, inside hopper.
  • Planters and Harvesters including, carrot, potato, olive and grape to name a few.
  • Back of vehicles when constantly hitching up to trailers and implements.
  • Tele-handler boom

Upgrade the GPS receiver on your Auto-Steering System:

Is your AutoSteering GPS system running on Autonomous, or paying $1800.00 for signal each year for VBS or HP?

 Is your Steering system dropping out?!

caseIH 372 receiver

Then consider Upgrading to the latest NH372 or CaseIH372 GPS receiver which will near double the number of satellites and comes with RangePoint RTX signal free for the first 12 months, and an accuracy of 15cm P2P.

The CaseIH/NH 372 receiver will replace your existing GPS receiver and will connect to most AutoSteering systems;(includes Glonass and GPS)

Give us a call to see whether you can take advantage of latest CaseIH/NH 372 GPS receiver.



RangePoint RTX

FREE 12 month redemption on all new FM750, FM1000, XCN2050, CaseIH372 and NH372 systems.

Ronco Motors have hundreds of satisfied customers using the NEW correction service, have you tried it?
Call us to find how you can benefit from the RangePoint RTX Corrections services on within your farming operation. Then just $350/year thereafter.


For further Information, please contact:

Shaun Colum

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: 0400 578 122