The all new Croplands 1300C Rogator

The Croplands self-propelled Rogator series have been nothing short of impressive. Stepping up the game again, Croplands have released a 1300C into the market for those who demand more.

Croplands 48 Metre Aluminium Pommier Boom option for the Rogator RG1300C


The Rogators Aluminium properties ensure long lasting performance and very minimal maintenance.

Norac Boom Height Regulator

This is a standard feature of the 48 metre Pommier boom and allows the boom to shadow the ground – even in rough or hilly terrain. This maintains an optimum boom height, therefore reducing drift and improving overall stability.

Wing fold

Hinge points, pins and locks are made from steel where the duty cycle is high and adjustment may be required. The boom alignment can be adjusted quickly and easily at the hinge points.

Wing Lock

The wing sections have a mechanical self-lock and a hydraulic unlock.