The New Morris Quantum

Morris’s ground-breaking new air drill is the next level in tillage machinery. The Morris Quantum is equipped with increased seeding adequacy, yield potential & overall equipment durability.

This powerhouse machine exceeds all expectations.


  • Quantum’s opener offers a 16 inch range of travel, as a result it is less likely to carve into the crown of hills or lose seed placement in low depressions.
  • Improved row unit design provides supreme soil-seed contact – ideal in creating a rapid, uniform surfacing crop
  • Reduced soil fracturing & excellent seed bed regularity
  • Double-shoot openers support consistent fertilizer positioning below the seed



  • The Quantum frame has been fortified with chrome pins that are an increased 27% larger than previous. An increased 154% higher fatigue strength than previous models. Resulting stronger joins and greater overall durability.
  • Heavy-duty hitch upgrade. A 20% increase of steel , hardened steel bushes & chrome pins
  • Quantums’ new large tyres all round (600/50-22.5) will keep you moving with adaptable stability for the long haul.



  • Tailored to meet your needs with adaptable unit spacing.

Imperial: 10, 12 and 15 inch spacing available on 40, 50,60 and 70 foot sizes.

Metric: 250,300 and 380 millimetre spacing for 12, 15, 18 and 21 metre drills.

  • Deeper depth range. Notched cam-and-pin system adjusts depth at 0.25inch intervals
  • Low product plugging. With large stainless steel dividers, oversized 28mm secondary hose for larger seeds & quick coupler access for easy review.
  • Fully controlled traffic. Tyres are located at 3 metre centres on Quantum’s main frame.